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I want to spread the good news: you can save A LOT of money by not visiting your bookstore at the beginning of each semester. Buy your textbooks online! Some of you might have fears of on-line buying, but hey for the past two years of buying stuff on-line, I've never had any problems. Now, off course you know that when you order something on-line it's going to take time to get to you. So, don't wait for the semester to start and think that after the first class you'll know the name and author of your book and then go and buy it. What's going to happen? You'll have to wait at least a week or two for your textbooks to arrive. Now, you know that a week or even worse two weeks is a lot lost in a course and you can get very behind. So, here's the solution: when you register for classes the semester before and when you know your class and professor, go up to them and ask them what textbook will be used for next semester. You might also want to ask if you could see a copy of the book, so that you know what it looks like. Make sure, you jot down the title, author and edition. It would very much help if you got the ISBN (barcode) number of the book. Then, order your books over break and they'll arrive in time for the first day of classes. Here is a list of some good sites:

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