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Yahoo! Maps and Driving Directions > Very useful online map site. I've used it to get from Minnesota to New York, to Purdue and to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. It's about 99% accurate. If you're into road trips, bookmark this site. > Online Dictionary

Merriam-Webster Online > Online Dictionary and Thesaurus > The Currency Site. Provides an extensive set of currency conversion and foreign exchange information services. You can even choose the date of the conversion and see how the Rupee has depreciated [ January 1, 1990 - , January 1, 2001 - ] > A cool site where you can get lots of Indian Stuff. My favorite is their can food. Yeah, that's right, canned Indian food. Right now I got some canned Channa Masala, Dal Makhani and some panner. They have spices, recipes and it's quite cheap as well, the Dal Makhani is $1.99.

Where To > This is acomprehensive guide to Caribbean and Hawaii accommodations and they also provide objective reviews on everything from budget hotels to 5-star resorts and lots of island information too.

C Net > You can get most of your everyday computer software like winamp, icq, eksetera, eksetera...

Euro Dance Hits > This is the largest US-based Website devoted to European dance music
serving the dance community continuously since 1995. It is also the most visited non-commercial dance website with more than 10,000 visitors weekly. They have atleast 500 dance videos, ranging from La Bouche to the latest trance videos. They also have a Dance Dictionary, where they explain all the different styles of dance music.

BMW > Once again the Ultimate Driving Machine company goes a step above the rest by making five mini movies to show off how their automobiles ARE the Ultimate Driving Machines. Each film is about 6 minutes and they are directed by award-winning directors and one of them even stars Madonna. It's free, so go chk it out.

Hostelling International > A chain of hostels all over the United States and Europe. They are really cheap, like $17 a night and they're quite decent.


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